The ROO Story

We were two young, aspiring attorneys who happened to meet in our first job out of law school. Some would call it fate, others would call it coincidence when we discovered that we had actually graduated the same year from the same law school just one year before! The grueling schedule of law firm life quickly cemented our friendship, but neither one of us could have ever imagined back then that through all of life’s ups and downs, our friendship would stand the test of time.

Twenty years and seven kids later, one of our impromptu coffee dates led to the creation of ROO! Our commiserating over the years about sleepless nights with newborns, transitions into school, the demands of keeping up with our kids’ schedules, the pursuit of their passions, and finally, high school graduation, had all led us to this moment.

Fourteen years prior, in all of her free time (NOT), Jessica designed her first diaper clutch. She worked through various iterations until she finally felt she had a product that could simplify the lives of mothers everywhere. As the business took off, she gave a clutch to Yvonne, just after her second child was born. It didn’t take long for Yvonne to discover that Jess had created a life-changing product.  Yvonne’s clutch went with her EVERYWHERE! Planes, public bathrooms, parks, the beach, and the trunk of my car, just to name a few. Of the hundreds of baby products that she had been gifted over the years, this was the one she could not live without!

As so many moms can understand, life’s challenges got in the way of taking the clutch business to the next level. Eventually, the fabrics started to stack up in the corner of a distant closet, and production slowly winded down. Jessica became fully immersed in raising her three sons, and Yvonne went on to have four children and there was little time left for anything else.

But ten years later as we caught up over coffee, we decided it was time to resurrect the clutch! We hope the ROO Diaper ClutchTM  brings you the same peace of mind (knowing that your child is being changed on a clean, germ-free surface), the same convenience (in a moment’s grab, you have everything you need in one, contained carry-all), and the same chic design that made us proud to carry it for so many years.

Changing diapers will never be the same!


Jessica Parker & Yvonne Keusch
Roo Co-Founders